New York 2015 video!

Heyy! This is the video that my sister and I made about our New York experiences in April! It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it, every time I smile like a fool… Continue reading

Places to visit in Athens – Plaka old town

On the Eastern and Northern slopes of the Acropolis you’ll find Plaka – Athens historical neighbourhood. Labyrinths with cobblestone streets and neoclassical architecture characterises the area, which is one of Athens oldest. Even though… Continue reading

Athens, Greece – A cultural paradise

Athens, one of the oldest named cities in the world, is a cultural paradise for the refined traveler. In a city where traces of the founding fathers of democracy and temples of the… Continue reading

Where to go in Morocco! A short and sweet city guide.

Morocco – Agadir and Marrakesh! ❤ Culture, surfing, beach, friendly locals, exiting wildlife and great food – this place has them all! Located in the north-west of Africa, Morocco has much more to offer than… Continue reading

Cres, Croatia

Some people seem to forget that Croatia has a lot more to offer than the yearly yatch week and the party in Split. Cres is a calm island in the east with a beautiful shoreline… Continue reading

Marbella, Spain

Adventure: Spain! I’m in the beautiful village of Marbella, located west of Malaga on the Spanish mainland. It’s known to many as the “St Tropez of Spain”, and with reason. Gigantic yachts are constantly on… Continue reading

Central Park NYC

One more New York post? Well, since you asked so nicely. Enjoying the sun in Central Park in my current favourite balconette-style silk dress. If theres something better to do in Central Park than… Continue reading

New York 3/3

The last part of my New York adventure! Walking down China town with its little shops and markets and suddenly realising you’ve reached the Brooklyn Bridge is almost mind-blowing, the difference between the manhattan… Continue reading

Drivethru Villa Sri Lanka

Good morning dear readers! ❤ I mentioned a while ago that I’m going surfing in Sri Lanka over Christmas and New Years and I thought I’d start the morning off with showing you… Continue reading

New York 2/3

Walking around in beautiful Greenwich Village almost make me think I’m in London! The picturesque houses and the cherry trees gives the impression I’ve just arrived in Chelsea and the vintage and book stores… Continue reading